Ways to make your coffee super healthy

The numerous contents of coffee, such as caffeine, sugar, creamers, and more, can have an effect on your body. / Net photo

If you value a cup of coffee for the good start of the day, it can prove to be a healthy habit.  Regardless of the type, quality, quantity, and timing of drinking coffee, if you are not taking care of some important things before preparing or soldering your favourite coffee flavour, then surely you are taking an unhealthy drink.

It is also an art to not only make a tasty coffee but also a healthier one. The numerous contents of coffee, such as caffeine, sugar, creamers, and more, can have an effect on your body. These can mean to energise your body but the wrong preparation can turn the benefits or advantages to disadvantages. 


This means that how you prepare, the frequency, the quantity and the additives matter when it comes to coffee consumption. Below are some of the ways to make your coffee super healthy:




If you want your coffee to be healthier then you need to monitor related aspects. Practicing workout is a healthy habit and having a cup of coffee 20 to 30 minutes before starting a workout is the best idea. This tip will provide a double benefit of your body for the workout you do. So if you are health conscious than this idea is going to give you your desired fitness with the minimum workout. Coffee recharges your body and heats the muscles that impacts sweating so quick.

You don’t need to drink several cups, as the right timing of a single cup will work on behalf of several cups.


It’s really important to stay hydrated. Hydration matters for your skin, hair, stomach, kidney and more.  Hydration prevents you from several diseases. Here is again a way to give great hydration to your body with the help of coffee. If you have become bored with your old taste of diet soda, then this is your chance to get a new refreshing taste. You can use some chilling natural ingredients to mix with your coffee. Lemon, ginger, mint and more of such ingredients with coffee will make your hydration drink tasty and healthy in summers. 

Generally we all have our favourite taste of coffee, a few of us like the strong taste of coffee, whereas some people like the creamy and sugary taste. Your favourite creamy and sugary coffee will not create an issue if you take it occasionally. The routine of three to four cups daily can create trouble for your health. If you are taking eight to 10 spoonfuls of sugar daily in your coffee, the quantity is enough to raise the sugar level in your body. Excess sugar affects your blood circulation and can lead to the problem of high blood pressure which can make trouble for the heart functioning and condition. It is also responsible for obesity and diabetes. Avoid the coffee with added sugar. 

While preparing a coffee cup, or buying a readymade cup, we tend to miss several things that affect our body critically. Have you ever thought that the cup of coffee you bought was clean and bacteria-free? If the stick that we use to mix the sugar was clean and bacteria-free? and the Keurig or coffee machine was properly washed? Coffee beans were fresh, branded, and untouched or not? We don’t think about such yet this can affect our body.  So it would be better if you buy branded coffee and also use filtered water for preparation.


To prepare a low-fat coffee cup people do a lot. Trying artificial solutions are again a wrong choice. Using butter and coconut oil will make your coffee free from access to fat in the most natural way. The combination of butter and coconut milk is also known as the best solution for health. This combination gives some important nutrients to our body with very little fat.

Cinnamon contains antioxidant properties in rich quantities. It is effective to fight high blood sugar problems. If you are using the topping of cinnamon powder in your coffee then you don’t need to cut down the quantity of sugar. So the people who love the sugary taste in their coffee will love this option.


Cocoa is again a good agent of antioxidants. Apart from preventing coffee lovers from heart issues, cocoa is known for bringing a great flavour to your routine coffee. 


Some people prefer reusable filters to filter their coffee.  This is good if we think about the aspect of wastage and cost-effectiveness.  But this is not good health-wise; paper filters are capable of removing two compounds from the coffee. These compounds are known for causing cholesterol issues in the human body. Kahweol and cafestol are those two compounds. The storage of these two compounds in the body itself creates a big problem.

The above mentioned eight ways are enough to make your coffee healthier. Homemade coffee is safer than buying a readymade coffee mix from the shops. Fewer hands used to prepare your coffee means fewer chances of hand transmitted bacteria.

Using a Keurig is also a non-healthy option while making your coffee. Keurigs are made from plastic. Also leaving your Keurig without being cleaned properly gives a chance for bacterial growth. In short, coffee lovers have to do a deep study on each aspect that may affect their health. Be aware of your health and love your coffee shots.

Donna Jones is a copywriter and content writer who specialises in building online communities, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages.  Article was first published by American Heroes Coffee.


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