Waking up to washed phones

I doubt there are parents out here, especially with toddlers, who have not had an experience that involves the urge to literally grab their child by the shoulders and shake sense into them.

Personally, there is not a single day that I am not thankful to God for blessing me with Kwezi but there are also moments when I have had the urge to pack up her things and ship her off somewhere for my own sanity.

Fortunately, those moments don’t last, especially because when I need a break from mommy duty, there are so many aunties, uncles and most importantly her grandparents who are very excited to take over.

Why am I ranting this early in the morning? Well, two days ago, Kwezi decided that my phone needed a ‘shower’. I would not have known if the nanny had not called my name in a panic and relayed the unfortunate information. I did not even move an inch. I sometimes don’t react to stuff due to shock or simply because there is not much I can do to change the situation. In this particular case however, I had a third reason. I was not sure if I would restrain myself from showering this little girl with a few slaps. So I stayed put. From inside my room, I instructed the nanny to put the phone in the uncooked rice in the kitchen and I went back to my business.

Long story short, the phone miraculously ‘resurrected’. I was so excited but what I didn’t know then, the phone had sustained ‘internal injuries’.

Two days after it got its unsolicited shower, I switched on my phone in the morning and there was no response. I shook it, warmed it with my palms even attempted the rice trick again but the phone was not budging.

The anger that I should have had two days ago came back afresh. I reminded Kwezi about what she had done, but that’s the beauty of being a child, one or two words and I was ready to move on. First, she walked to me, cupped my face in her tiny hands and kissed me on the lips. Then she kissed my check and threw her arms around me and in the most sincere voice said, “Sorry mummy”. I want to tell you that I know one or two things about bribery but with this simple gesture, I was ready to move on.

I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t accept an apology? And also, who in their right mind dwells on the actions of a four-year-old. It’s obvious that only a four-year-old brain is unaware that phones are not washed. It is frustrating but I have since moved on, alas, without a phone. Today is my first day without one and from the look of things, it looks like it is going to be a tough one, but we shall overcome.