Wake me up after Valentine’s Day!

I may have celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past but I’m so over it. So much so that I’m taking the day off this time and in fact, the entire weekend, just so I don’t run into all you smitten lovers! This year’s is especially bad. You know how traffic gets on Fridays.

It’s going to be a nightmare with everyone trying to meet up with or take their partner out! Whatever happened to a good old fashioned night in! And if you were hoping to have a quiet dinner at your favourite restaurant by yourself, forget it. It’s like a crime to be out alone on Valentine’s Day and it shouldn’t be!

Your partner could be out of town or you may even be happily single but the pity stares from supposedly happy couples will ruin your experience, as will all the tacky displays of “love” and affection.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day but do these people really have to pack on the PDA? Makes you wonder why they don’t just skip dinner and get a room since that’s probably where they’ll end up anyway! But perhaps most ridiculous are those decked head to toe in Red. Ladies can get away with it though I’d advise them to just accent their look with lipstick, a scarf, bag or pair of red heels.

When it comes to guys though, it’s a different story. A red tie is okay. Red suits, shirts, trousers, shoes or hats are a sore sight. Also annoying are the “one-day” romantics who send flowers and cake to the office. I think it’s superficial. The only person you should be trying to impress is your love interest, not their workmates.

The bigger issue though is that your “grand” gesture may cause some tension at the workplace and I think HR should issue some guidelines because it can get competitive very fast, with colleagues gossiping over who received the most lavish treats or expensive bouquet. There are also accounts of stolen packages!

Delivery guys are accosted or directed to the wrong office where cards are then ripped off packages by jealous or desperate colleagues who then pass them off as their own! Others are forced to send themselves flowers just so they don’t feel left out.

This is exactly why anyone who wants to send anything should have it delivered to their lover’s house and save everybody the distraction or drama. You know where they live, don’t you?

I’d wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day but I’m not sure I’d mean it!


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