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Coffee tasting underway.

Smelling various scents, tasting different flavours or using your high awareness of colour to coordinate them properly; all the above are examples of job descriptions. Fancy ‘smelling’ as a fulltime job.  But that is what people called flavourists do. They determine what the precise combination of ingredients should be so as to produce the precise scent. Now you know why that cologne or perfume you always look out for is so alluring.

Tasters practically savour various flavours of food and beverages and afterwards recommend changes, fusions or their preferences to the manufacturers.  They can be asked to taste various tea brands and suggest what the customers would prefer.  In this tasty category fall the chocolatiers and gum tasters who as their names suggest, do just that. Not to forget the food critic who gets to eat the best as everyone is out to impress, and then earn cash — from eating.


Influencers enjoy themselves tremendously as they consume a product — most often for free — and at the same time enthuse about it; how great it is, how they are using it and how you can benefit if you also start using it. They then put their recording on social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook and start to gather a following — the influencer is happy, the manufacturer is ecstatic and the consumer is using the product.


You have friends, or you definitely know some people, who have the knack for matching differently coloured pieces of clothing and producing a wonderful combination.  Such people would be suitable for the job of coordinating various colour shades for companies. These may be clothes, logo creating, advertising or paint companies. When a colour consultant works with their product, the outcome is truly phenomenal.


I have always relished the scent of jasmine and the flower that especially blossoms at night. Some other ingenious people did not only stop at enjoying smell, they went ahead to create a therapy called horticulture that aids the restoration of people’s mental and physical imbalances by having them sit among the various flowers, appreciating the various shades and sizes as well as inhaling the different refreshing scents that are very uplifting. As you can see, creativity from what you have can lead you to earn a living in many ways. What is it that you can do with the resources around you?


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