TMC speaks out on the controversy surrounding ‘Romeo and Juliet’ song

Beka Flavour (left) and Dream Boys. Net.

Dream Boys’ Claude Mujyanama, aka TMC, has opened up on claims that the group plagiarised ‘Sikinai’, by Tanzanian budding singer Beka Flavour (pictured), for their new single ‘Romeo and Juliet’ featuring rapper Riderman.

Flavour’s ‘Sikinia’ was released on August 2017.

Contrary to the earlier reports that the duo didn’t know the song, TMC told The New Times in an interview on September 5, that they knew the song.

“We knew Beka Flavour’s song. We took the decision to sample his song so as to improve ours, maybe the mistake we made was not to inform him, however, that is not necessary as almost everyone in the industry, including international artistes, do that,” he said.

In music, sampling is the act of taking a portion or sample of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece.

Asked whether they have reached any understanding with the singer to solve the issue TMC said that they have been in touch and he had no problem with sampling his song adding that he commended them for promoting him across Rwanda.

“We have been in touch with Baker Flavour, and he has no problem with us sampling his song. He was actually happy with the quality of the rendition we produced, and even thanked us saying by using part of his song we promoted him across Rwanda,” he said.

TMC added that some local media and bloggers exaggerate the issue all in the name of making news and tarnishing the duo’s name

The duo has since invited the bongo star to Rwanda and are in talks for possible collaboration.