That ‘tired’ but favourite undergarment

Girlfriend, have you ever sat on a moto then wondered what people would see underneath your skirt if you fell badly with your legs lifted up? How about that bra strap; are there times when you have to keep pushing it back because you know it’s a ghastly sight?

Many women are stunning, prim and proper on the outside, we will travel far and wide to look perfect and smell great. One will ensure the shoes are on point, the bag is ‘the ish’ but some of the undergarments are a no no. Frankly speaking I lost count of how many times I stop by a shop selling clothes shoes and bags, but when it comes to lingerie, it’s only the last few months that I have made attempts to change the story.  Me, a few of my friends, and I’m almost certain a woman who is reading, pick black as a favourite lingerie colour because, first, it can be worn with anything, secondly black does not show dirt or stain. Pull out a drawer and black outnumbers the pink, white and red.

Many women won’t own up but we all have that garment we are attached to and will let nothing put us asunder. In my case it is a lacy set I got as a gift from my sister, if that thing could talk it would have said ‘Jackie please let go of me, don’t you think we have served you enough?’

Then there is another one that survived being thrown away as I was clearing the old, tired stuff, reason being the strap is as good as new though the rest of the colour is kinda complaining

You don’t joke with that attachment, it is so strong that even when there’s a hole, one will still wear their ‘bestie.’ That bra, it’s possible the strap has been sewn back a few times. One thing that surprises me though is when we have a girls night out or sleepover or special ‘visitation’, a beautiful piece will show up just in case there will be a tremor and the clothes fall off.

There is no experience as beautiful as reaching home with a shopping bag full of undies and bras, taking a bath then trying them on in front of a mirror. That feeling is out of this world.  So ladies, next time you think of thorough cleaning or emptying that wardrobe, please start with the drawer or bag where you keep your undergarments. It is easy to assume nobody will notice but it is also possible for someone to notice and go talking about you and your torn things. Don’t let that happen when you know you can afford to invest some money in a total overhaul of lingerie. They’re affordable just not prioritised by many.

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