Till death do us part, but how about family?

The world is watching as a very prominent couple separates itself from family. When Meghan got married to Prince Harry a lot of people expected there to be some sort of destabilisation between him and his elder brother William, what the world didn’t anticipate was that it would happen this soon. The brothers had enjoyed a close bond all their lives.

From the onset, Meghan looked like the clingy type of woman….not entirely independent, she almost never wanted to let go of Harry’s hand. She has a way of pushing her hair behind that is quite telling of her nerves, she also always makes moves like she is so aware of cameras and wants the perfect smile the perfect angle, the perfect movie scene.

Has she always been a ‘schemer?’ She looks like a person who made a bet to turn things upside down and expose the monarchy in a way nobody else has. Someone might ask why Meghan should be blamed for the turn of events, ‘doesn’t harry have a mind of his own?’ You may ask.

Yes, Harry does but we also know the power that a woman holds. Wars have been fought because of the woman. Never undermine the powers of a woman, especially a strong-willed one.

The first woman to get married into a home always has an upper edge compared to others that do follow. They also get a little bit more blame when two brothers fall out, or when the new bride of the younger brother is not warmly welcomed. In fact, the fall-out of the two brothers was attributed to a feud between the two wives.

Apparently William’s children have only seen their cousin Archie once. As 35-year-old Harry was making decisions for his new family, while seeking a solution to his own misery, he never considered the impact it would have on the relationship he enjoyed with his brother, who until he got married, was inseparable from him. Harry did not give much thought to his niece and nephews either.

I recently counselled a lady called Ruth who has fallen out badly with her brother, so bad that the mother has to choose which home to visit, and if she visits one then the other will not receive her. During the festive season Ruth’s greatest fear was what she was going to tell the children, how was she going to make them understand that they were not going to be seeing or visiting their cousins?

It happens in our lives that when we are saying to hell with the brother or sister you forget there is a bond between the children. Now, that might not be a big deal to Meghan because from what we read and watch the only family she knows is her mother Doria. Harry, on the other hand, comes from a strong family unit both nuclear and extended. Everyone is in everyone’s life. Is Harry a royal example of a man separated from his family and his friends by marriage?


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