Things to do over holiday break

Catch up on reading for fun during the holiday. Courtesy

Apply for scholarships and internships

If there was ever a time to apply, it’s now! You don’t have to spend the entire break applying for scholarships, but even if you devote a few hours to your scholarship applications; it will make a world of difference in your search. After all, it only takes one to win!




What better to get you in the holiday spirit than baking a pie? Your home will be filled with a delicious aroma and you’ll have a great gift to take to a holiday party or share with any house guests that stop by.


Catch up with old friends (and stay in touch with new ones)

Pretty much everyone you went to school with will be off school for the holidays. You can use this time to catch up.


Stay healthy and combat the holiday bulge by keeping up with a regular exercise regimen. You’ll look – and, more importantly, feel – better.

Plan next term’s schedule

It’s time to get a jump start on planning next term while you have time and there’s no time like the present.

Additionally, you should start creating a game plan for next term now, before you get too busy to do so later.

Catch up on your reading

What we’re suggesting here is the kind of reading you actually enjoy – not your required reading for school. Seriously – when was the last time you read a book that you didn’t have to? Pick up a book because it looks interesting, cosy up and get lost in it. Enjoy – you’ll be happy you did!

Spend quality time with family

You love them and they love you. No matter how much you hate to admit it, you miss them terribly. Why wait until the holidays to catch up with family?

See a movie

Some of the best films of the year are released during the holiday season and, since you have a lot of free time on your hands, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage!

Ask a friend, family member to join and, perhaps, splurge on sharing that jumbo popcorn.


The holidays are a great time to volunteer. There are so many options out there, with something suited to everyone.




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