Things to consider when making a wedding budget

Every bride/groom-to-be wants a memorable wedding. However, is it possible to pull this off without breaking the bank?

Planning for a wedding may call for a huge budget which may not be in one’s capacity to fulfil but admiration still stands.

The current society settings may put one between a rock and a hard place regarding their personal financial mainstream; due to super flow expenditure which is at times very tempting that one may also consider a loan to finance their dream wedding.

However, those who are in the wedding business say that there are always dos and don’ts to consider in order to have a non-ballyhooed wedding budget.

Gather information

“Information is power” —this saying can also apply when one is planning for a wedding.

Rachel Uwambaje of Iwacu Fashion and Design, says information is everything for those preparing for a wedding as it guides them on how to make informed decisions.

A couple needs to ensure that they have a wide range of choices from which they can make picks, she says. Whether it is the venue or the bridal attire, one has to be equipped with details, this helps in making right and affordable choices.


It has always been advisable to have a wedding during the dry season than in the wet season not only for admirable glitz and glimmer that comes with it, but also the coast of decoration budget.

During the dry season you have freedom of an outdoor wedding reception, according to Olive Dusabe, a wedding planner.

And in terms of costs, Dusabe believes outdoor decoration is cheaper yet the photos and videos tend to be pretty and outstanding enough to leave a mark.

Minimise expenditure as you approach the wedding

Dusabe advises those who are planning for a wedding, especially the groom, to be mindful with expenditure as the wedding closes in. She thinks it’s wise to cut on the expenses and settle for what they will be able to sustain after the wedding.

“I would advise the male partner to be mindful with his expenditure, especially as the wedding approaches. If they have been renting a house of let’s say Rwf 150,000, let them opt for a cheaper one, because after the wedding, there will be new responsibilities,” she says.


It is with no doubt that the most important thing to remember on one’s wedding is the ensemble. Everyone would love to look stunning on their big day, this is why when it comes to bridal attire, brides find it hard to decide on gowns—whether they should rent, buy or even just make new attires for the wedding.

Uwambaje says renting is much cheaper than buying or making your own attire because a new wedding dress goes for Rwf 200,000 yet renting it can cost Rwf 80,000.

“It is a one-day event, meaning you might never use your wedding gown again, so people should not waste their money, the same should apply to bridesmaids’ attire.”

Reception location and décor

Honorine Uwamwezi manages a décor business; she says if one wants to have their day covered in fine-looking decoration but with an accommodative price, going for an outdoor reception is the best.

You can choose to have your reception in a garden; open decoration is less expensive than indoor decoration because indoor demands more material, which inflates the price, she says.

Cut down on the number of wedding meetings

It is advisable to have minimal meetings to avoid unplanned expenditure that can dry up your savings, says Dusabe.

In addition to this, she advises brides to be watchful, especially for the first meeting, because it sets the pace for the corresponding ones.

Limit the number of bride and groom aides

To have a manageable budget, wedding planners advise not only to limit the number of guests for your wedding, but to also mind the number of maids you choose to have for your ceremony, Miriam Asimwe says.

She explains that this matters because the number of people invited determine how much one spends, if they are many it may hike the proposed budget.

“When you have few bridesmaids/groomsmen, it is easy and cheaper to dress them. And for the guests, one can choose to only invite close friends and family,” she says.


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