There are different types of visitors

The festive season is over and normalcy can resume, but as you go back to your routine, what taste has the season left in your mouth? Christmas happens to be a time when a lot of us receive messages from people we have not talked to for months. They probably had plans on how to end the year, but along the way they changed, so a last-minute text comes asking if you can accommodate them because they plan to visit your town. 

There’s a gentleman who had not seen or talked to his cousins for close to two years, but from nowhere they sent a message asking if he could find them accommodation. He quickly scrolled through the internet and shared a few links with them. A few days later when they replied saying they had not found anything suitable and wondered if he could host them for the four days they would be around. He took a minute of silence wondering what to say to them because he was not very well financially and wanted to use the holidays to just stay at home and reflect as he planned his next move. He had saved and budgeted for himself after sending his parents some money.  Shopping for one person was done and now this!


He thought of refusing but decided it would not be good so he ended up with two guests he had not prepared for. That could happen to any of us. A lot of people find it hard to be honest about how they feel regarding visits. It could be the festive season or any other time of the year. We have friends and relatives who want to visit us but hardly invite us to their homes. We have some that think it is okay to make a last-minute call to say they are coming, or even worse, those that think it is fine to show up at your doorstep without prior notice. 


It is great to receive and host guests but only when it has been properly discussed and planned. Having people at your house means spending more on food and utilities, it could also interfere with your routine. For that matter, we should not let people think it is okay to just walk in. Do you have personal and house rules? When people come to see you do you inquire how long they are staying or what contribution they will make during their stay? If you don’t, I would advise you to do that. You should not wear a fake smile and entertain unwanted guests, or guests that have overstayed their welcome, all in the name of being nice and not wanting to be labeled mean. 


Some guests come for a week and end up staying for three weeks because they have found free accommodation and food.  Had they been staying in a hotel they would have packed and gone back to their homes. In future, have rules and communicate them clearly. Do not take people around using your money, if they want to go out let them take care of their bill. Make them contribute to activities that require money. That is how you teach people to be responsible.

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