Teaming up

Teamwork ensures better results in and out of class.. Net photo.

For some mysterious reason, teachers have taken on the role of a superhero who never tires, has numerous ideas and endures whatever situation. Am I speaking to some teacher reading this? Teachers are expected to know all the answers, everyone’s name, why each one of the 100 children are not getting the expected grade, why this child’s manners are less than acceptable and a zillion other ideas; if that is not a superhero, then what is?  

When asked what I do for a living, I usually reply, “I manage your future!” This prompts various looks, like, what? No way! Or really? Then I elucidate by saying; “When I teach children to believe and act in a certain way, they will grow up and make crucial decisions that will affect the world in which you will be living at the time. So in essence, I impact your future!”   Looks of comprehension dawn on their faces and they nod in agreement with this very intriguing perspective of things.

In order to keep these important ‘future managers’ motivated, schools must improvise in many ways, just like other industries are doing. The trend these days is to prioritise the needs of the employees to ensure they are contented. Then you can expect maximum output from them. Teachers should be the first people to benefit from this.

Interestingly, innovative methods of keeping employers happy and inspired have been conjured up. Take for instance, creating choirs at the workplace where workmates have to go for practice regularly and then the choirs participate in competitions at different levels.  This approach has been used and been reported to have various levels of success in creating team bonding.

Team building days and activities are great ways of ensuring the bonding of members of different teams in the workplace. Depending on what dynamics need to be addressed, the team building events can actually foster a sense of united purpose, especially if everyone gets involved and the bosses get off their high horses and join in the fun.

The friendship created during these events will go a long way in achieving the much desired team building spirit that is crucial to the success of any school or organisation. When teachers participate in a team building event, it will be more beneficial than all the pep talks about how we need to work together as a team. I should know!