Surviving a big festival

Regular festival goers probably have this down already but there’s always someone attending a festival or concert for the very first time and if you’re, hope you find these useful. First things first.

Clean up before heading out. Take a shower, brush your teeth and carry some mints or gum. You don’t want people holding their noses when you start singing along to your favourite songs!

Get to the venue on time.

I know African time has conditioned us to assume that everybody else will be late and the fact that too often, you have to sit or stand through warm-up acts before the main act may fool you into turning up late.

Getting there on time is better than showing up hours into the show as you might miss the best performances. It’s always nice to attend a free concert but the downside is that it will be packed so to beat the crowds, get there early.

Plus, it could be your first time to that particular venue and you might get lost along the way so allow time for that. If you’re paying, don’t forget your ticket.

Generally, it’s better to buy tickets in advance because sometimes early birds get exclusive discounts on tickets.

Plus, you don’t want to risk sold out shows and be turned away at the entrance! Once inside, settle into your spot or seat. For venues or events that clearly indicate seats on tickets, please don’t take someone else’s.

This usually happens when long lost friends run into each other and want to sit together to catch up. The right occupants will turn up and you will have to move.

Ladies, I know we love our handbags to death but for concerts, carry a smaller bag or a string purse just for essentials for a number of reasons.

It’s easier to get through security and more convenient. You’re likely to spend a good four to five hours on your feet especially if it’s an outdoor event and there might also be some dancing.

You don’t want to be weighed down, literally so just throw must-haves in there like your phone, lip-gloss and some tissue. Most venues have washrooms but you don’t want to miss the best bits of the concert stuck in that long queue that always forms outside the toilet, not to mention other hygiene issues occasioned by large crowds.

Take care of your business before heading out. Personally, I also try to eat beforehand so I’m not overcharged for regular snacks. Some people will charge you three or four times more and because you’re hungry, you will be forced to pay.

Alternatively, you can carry your own snack if the venue allows it. Just don’t let it be eggs, nuts or anything that will make other concert goers uncomfortable! Unless it’s a kid-friendly event, leave the children at home for their own sake and yours.

I’ve seen mums with babies at concerts and the baby is crying because they need to be fed or changed. Both end up not having a good time so why even bother? One last thing.

Don’t leave your trash on the floor or ground. There’re usually bins and you can throw your empty water bottles, soda or beer cans in there. Break a leg!

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