Students showcase East African culture

Students from Kibagabaga based Kigali Christian School in Gasabo District on Saturday exhibited various cultures of regional countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and the Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC).

Under the theme, “knowing the East African cultures,” the students showcased various dances, and dress codes among other cultural related norms.


According to the school officials, the event aims at discovering talents among the children in order to develop, nurture and promote them.


It also enables students to know and learn from diversity of cultures in the region to prepare them for adoption in case they change their locations.


Joshua Kagwa, a teacher of History and Geography and head of extra curricula activities at the school, said that besides sharpening the minds of children by courses in class, there is also a need to sharpen the potential or talents that the children were born with.

Students in dress code of the Massai. Frederic Byumvuhore.

“It is very important for the children to discover Africa because where they are today is not the same place they will be staying in the next days. It prepares them so that when they change their location, for instance, in one of the countries they can be able to adopt with the changes,”Kagwa said.

He encouraged parents to motivate their children and support them to participate in extra curricula activities as they help them to discover the potential within themselves for future benefits.

Teta Amelie Kayiranga, 17, who showcased Kenyan culture, shared that the performance equips children with love for their continent, as well as enable students from abroad to enjoy Rwanda.

“We need to diversify children’s brains and minds. Most of them are more familiar with Rwandan culture and little with Burundian. Our purpose was to enable them know more about East Africa. Our school is an international one and we have a mixture of students from the region. The event helps them to feel at home,”Kayiranga added.

Fidele Nshuti Nkurikiyinka, a senior six student in Mathematics, Physics and Computer science performed in the Tanzanian team. He said that he was proud of the culture.

“I was proud of showcasing Tanzanian culture. It is our neighboring country. Showing its culture, helps us to learn as well as see how we can develop our own culture. Some of the students travel abroad especially in the region. This will help us know more about their norms. Also, it will increase their knowledge in general paper,”

In addition to the event, the children also engaged in sports activities like Basketball.

Parents were invited to witness the exhibition, while Mani Martin also inspired the students through music.

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