Students get hospitality and tourism scholarships in Mauritius

Beneficiaries pose with their principal for a group photo. Lydia Atieno

Five students from Kigali Leading Technical Secondary School who excelled in the 2017 senior six final exams have won scholarships to study at Jeet’s Hospitality and Tourism Management in Mauritius.

Phoebe Iragena Gasasira, Clemantine Uwase, Fridah Umuhoza, Jordan Ganzo and Marie Grace Nishimwe were the beneficiaries.

All five students are set to pursue a diploma in tourism and hospitality management this month, a course that will take one-and-a-half years to complete.

Depending on how good they will perform, the students will be sponsored to study in the UK for another two years for a degree in the same course.

Apart from scores, discipline was also considered when choosing beneficiaries of the scholarship programme.

According to Alphonse Habimana, the principal at the school, apart from being hardworking and disciplined, the students utilised the resources they have at school.

“One of the main aspects we focus on is discipline, and we believe that without it, no matter how intelligent a student is, they won’t reach far in life. It’s a tool that helps students govern their own behaviour in ways that will help them fit in all environments,” he says.

Jacques Cyubahiro, in charge of business development and employment, Nyarugenge District, says partnership is key when it comes to improving practical skills of students.

“Through such international collaboration, students are able to acquire vital skills that prepare them for the labour market. It also helps our students achieve quality education. Institutions should dwell on impacting students with 21st Century skills rather than just focusing on theories,” he says.

“I’m delighted to be among the students who are going to study abroad, this wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t strong collaboration between students and teachers,” said Gasasira.

She said she always dreamt of studying abroad but didn’t have the means, the scholarship, she said, was a dream come true and that she will do what it takes to make her country proud.

The school has a partnership with Jeet’s hospitality and tourism management in Mauritius.