The statement necklace

You may be wondering what a statement necklace is, or why it has that name. A statement necklace is a necklace that ‘orders attention’ or ‘makes a statement’. This type of necklace tends to be large, over the top and practically hard to miss.

There are a variety of statement necklaces one can choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes. One of the perks about a statement necklace is that it is an accessory you can wear on a dull outfit that will bring it to life. Due to the fact that they demand attention, it takes the whole outfit to new heights.

 Additionally, there are numerous ways a statement necklace can chicly blend in with any outfit. You could opt for a plunging neckline. This way, it gives enough room for the statement necklace to stand out.

 Some women don’t really fancy “over the top” accessories. There is always something for everyone. There is the bubbles statement necklace, for example. It gives the impression of “fun” without over doing it. It has a much lighter feel to it and comes in diverse colours, allowing you to wear it often.

“Statement necklaces are amazing. They make one’s appearance stand out and they complement an outfit well,” says Nisha Keza, a high school graduate.

 One can never go wrong with a statement necklace. To top it all off, they easily go with any colour—bright pink or gloomy grey.

 “Here at my boutique, the statement necklace is a favourite for many of my customers. Women purchase them, especially when they have to attend weddings and fancy parties. They definitely make people feel good about themselves which is good for business,” says Shania Mwiza, a boutique owner at T2000.