Slow down 2018!

I can’t believe it is October already. I know I said the same about last year but goodness, this year is about to end too and I guess 2019 will come along and fly by as well! I was just thinking how time in general goes by so fast.

For instance, I remember a 13 year old Justin Bieber flipping his hair and singing his heart out on famous hits including “One Time” and “Baby” and now he’s engaged or married according to some sources.


When did he grow up? And if he’s old enough to be married, that makes me old too because I was years older when he burst onto the entertainment scene.


Another Celebrity, Will Smith, turned 50 just last month and I can’t even believe he’s that “old”. Someday, someone will probably say the same about me and you reading this. Isn’t that crazy? Can you picture yourself as a 50 year old?


No offence if you hit that milestone already but the thought scares me. If you’re lucky enough to get to blow out 50 candles, you would have lived more than half your life, which means you would be closer to your dying day!

It’s a little depressing I know but facts are facts. Crazy how we’re so eager to celebrate our birthdays in our teens and early twenties but aren’t so keen the older we get! Back to the Fresh Prince, some people think he’s having a mid-life crisis with all the crazy stunts he’s been pulling recently including scuba diving, skydiving and bungee jumping.

He did mention that it has more to do with his Bucket List and that he’s in fact facing his fears. Honestly, I think he’s having fun. He has worked hard and made some great Movies over the years.

He still does, and all the more reason he deserves to play hard if he wants to or as a friend put it, he made his money and might as well enjoy it!

Got me thinking about my own Bucket List. I wouldn’t say I have certain things I’m waiting to check off and that’s mainly because I’m not that adventurous and so I don’t necessarily have places I feel I need to go or particular activities I want to do.

I have dreams and goals of course and ultimately, I want to be accomplished as most people do.

I reckon I’d have less stress and probably enjoy life more if I were successful. I want to make enough money to retire early, help my family and friends any way I can. I don’t know if that counts as a Bucket List. All I know is that they’re things I want to do before I die.

So what’s on your Bucket List? Curing Cancer? Climbing Everest? Qualifying for the next Olympics? Visiting all 54 African Countries? Meeting the Pope? Wining a Nobel Prize? Writing a Book? Flying to Mars? Good luck!



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