Serena is human

Since everyone appears to have an opinion about Serena Williams’ conduct during last weekend’s US Open Women’s Singles Final which she lost to Naomi Osaka, here’s my two cents.

I think she’s human. She thought it was an unfair decision and felt the need to push back. Let’s also not forget that Serena seems to always be under attack. From her outfits to her hair to her salary.


I like the fact that she doesn’t mince her words whenever she feels she’s being treated unfairly. I think sports, especially women’s sports needs that. She complained about being tested too often by the Anti-Doping Agency when other athletes aren’t subjected to the same.


There was also the debate about the pay disparity between male and female tennis players and Serena wasn’t having it. This latest incident was no different. To everyone who feels she set a bad example by calling the Umpire Carlos Ramos “a thief”, I think you too are overreacting.


I don’t know the rules of the game but I have seen many players smash their racquets in the past. It’s usually because they’re disappointed, frustrated and maybe even angry that the match is not going their way, in much the same way footballers kick the ball or foul their opponents when they’re losing or drawing a match.

Australia’s Nick Kyrgios is notorious not just for his colorful language but for unprofessionalism too and to be fair, he’s usually penalised. I don’t condone any of it. All I’m saying is that we don’t know what’s going through these athletes’ heads at that level of competition. There’s the constant pressure to win.

You’d think that with all the Grand Slams Serena has won, she doesn’t have anything to prove but her fans and even critics think otherwise so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge her for trying to win whatever points she can.

To those who feel she should have kept her composure, maybe you’re right but like I said, we don’t know what these people go through pre and post game. The grueling training and expectations can be overwhelming.

Serena just a baby not too long ago and to be able to play again so soon afterwards is an achievement in itself. I know I’ve lost my temper over things some would consider trivial and I’m sure some people are upset by things I wouldn’t be bothered by.

What can I say, we’re different. For instance, I don’t like it when people slam doors. Like why do you need to do that? I also don’t like it when someone walks into the room looking for someone, peers around, doesn’t see who they’re looking for and walks right out.

Every time it happens, I fight the urge to scream at them to at least say “Hello”. I also swear at times. I’m not proud of it but in the heat of the moment, you just can’t help saying things you may or may not regret later. It’s called letting off steam and as long as it’s not violent, I think it’s “normal”.

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