See-through toilets? I’ll pass!

I’ve never invented anything so perhaps I should be the last person to critique other people’s innovations and ideas. Nevertheless, I’m struggling to understand why anyone would want a see-through toilet like those being tried out in Japan. I get self-conscious in my own toilet at home, let alone a public one made of glass! The creators say it clouds over or becomes opaque once you lock the door, but knowing how technology fails sometimes, I don’t find that reassuring at all.

I’m wary of peepholes and hidden cameras as it is, and the thought of being exposed by a tech glitch is terrifying. And what if the glass cracks or breaks because as we all know, it’s fragile? Hopefully, the trend won’t catch on here but even if it does, I don’t see myself ever setting foot in one. I need my privacy while doing my business. I’ll say that again. I don’t want anyone staring as I use the toilet any more than I want to see anybody else doing the same, and with all that glass, chances of that happening are pretty high. It’s like those restrooms with gaps at the top or bottom. Can’t stand them because you don’t know if some crazy person or pervert is not trying to lean over or peep into your cubicle.


I’ve always felt that any toilet deserves solid floor-to-ceiling walls. Tiles, concrete or wood, just not glass! The only glass I’d want is a narrow high-placed window and may be a small mirror. All-glass concepts work best for showers and even then, many will incorporate shower curtains. There’s also a tendency to “squeeze” the toilet in a corner somewhere, usually in the bathroom because everybody is trying to save space. If you live alone, then that’s fine but if not, it can present all kinds of challenges. You could be taking a shower and someone else in your household wants to do a number two. What happens then? I think the toilet deserves its own room, a separate space that guarantees the aforementioned privacy.


Going to the toilet is one of those things everybody does but few are comfortable talking about. In some circles, people would rather refer to the toilet as the loo, ladies’, washroom, lavatory, the John and so on. Don’t you remember how we asked the teacher to grant us permission to leave class so we could go “ease” or “help” ourselves? It’s such a taboo subject, which is why I find it surprising when I hear huffs, grunts, heavy breathing, loud farting and all that nastiness. Personally, I always assume there’s someone in the next cubicle be it at work, church or at someone’s house.


At the end of the day, you don’t want everybody to know you’re constipated or whatever other digestive issues you may be dealing with!

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