Off the screen and into the world

The youth today most of the time are glued to their devices. A significant percentage don’t engage much in field interactions, or make eye contact for that matter.

There are a variety of interactions for the youth if they could just lift their heads from the screens, or go outdoors a little bit more, and involve themselves in community service or even sports.

Being able to interact with the people around you in society is crucial because it helps us keep in touch with the human race and not lose sight of what is really important. For example, being able to wake up every day, or learning something new that will impact life positively.

There are plenty of benefits that come with stepping out into the world and figuring out different ways of impacting the society you live in. For instance, when you are lucky enough to land a job, you can be able to donate some of the money to an orphanage or to a hospital. By doing this, you will have changed someone’s life with just the slightest effort.

Another way to impact society is by being a mentor to an individual or a group of people. Someone out there somewhere needs to be told that they matter and that what they have to bring to the table is just as important as anyone else.

“Most of my peers are either on social media the whole time we are together, or plunged into the music on their phones. I am not saying either of those things shouldn’t be done. I am just saying the youth should be more focused on leaving a relevant mark in this world by involving ourselves physically in activities that will make a difference,” says 22-year-old Monica Keza, a receptionist at Sports View Hotel.

Like the saying goes, “there is a time for everything”. Yes, it is fine to spend some time on social media. There is a lot that can be done there which is beneficial to society. However, interacting with someone on a physical level tends to leave a more significant mark than a direct message (DM) on Instagram.

“The pressure is definitely on since we are considered future leaders. Nevertheless, we should take this pressure and let it drive us into being more involved citizens in our communities. There is a lot we can do and it won’t be done by just sitting there,” says Sheila Imena, a high school graduate.

The youth need to come together and realise the need to be more engaged with the people around them. Together, they will be able to make the world a better place.