Radisson Blu’s exquisite wine tasting to be weekly affair

Pavesi explains the myths and facts about wine at Filini Restaurant ,at Radisson Blu Hotel.

Invitees, mostly members of the media, were last night treated to an exquisite wine tasting event held at Radisson Blu Hotel’s Filini Restaurant.

It was the launch of a weekly wine tasting experience that will be held at the same venue every Wednesday.


The event was attended by personalities from different media houses in the country. The Wine Club’s Mauro Pavesi explained to guests the facts and myths about wine.



Snacks served during the event.

He explained that wine was discovered more than 9000 years ago and it has evolved over the years. He stated that the quality of wine depends on the grapes it was made from and the period of its existence.

“Some wines become better as time goes by but eventually, they go bad. Some wines can last as long as 50 years whereas others can last for only two,’’ he said.

He noted that not so many Rwandans are fans of wine as wine is generally expensive and therefore seen as a luxury. He noted that this can be changed to make more people consume wine by engaging the relevant authorities on reducing the taxes of imported wines. Pavesi noted that many wines are healthy, therefore, Rwandans should be open-minded about trying them out.

Guests were treated to exquisite wines.

Pavesi explained that wines differ in taste and alcohol level depending on the time they were made and their countries of origin. He also explained that Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world with countries such as Argentina and Australia being others.

One journalist asked him why he was always swirling the glass of wine.

Some of the wines that were available.

He said, “Swirling the glass gives the wine oxygen, therefore, making it taste a lot better than when without it,” he said.

“The wine is always in the bottle and so it has no access to oxygen, so by swirling the glass, it helps it absorb oxygen which improves its taste and aroma,” he concluded.



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