Positive attitude is all we need

A waiter attends to a customer at the Kigali Serena Hotel. File photo

To think positively is to live positively. This means that you can still be happy with the little that you possess. You don’t have to be the richest, most educated, or most beautiful to live in bliss. I have met people who believe that ‘life is for the lucky ones’ because whatever they touch doesn’t yield into anything.

Do yourself a favour and stop relating to your past or your family background, especially in areas where they failed. I met a 20-year-old girl who told me, “In my extended family no one is educated, the most educated didn’t go farther than primary three. So I don’t think I will go that far in life.” She also said no one is successfully married, and that she thinks they are ‘bewitched’.

I was left speechless and saddened; imagine a girl that age whose dreams are buried deep because of the issues in her family.

Let us stay away from such attitudes. Because it happened to people in your family doesn’t mean you are destined for the same fate.

To live a constructive life, keep away from negative thoughts. Negativity will only make you believe that you will never amount to anything.

How I love to stand in front of the mirror every morning and declare good things upon my life. I have done this for a long time and it has kept me going. Learn to make amazing promises to yourself, however unusual they may seem. You will work towards fulfilling them.

I love people who are hopeful. If today doesn’t work out as expected, it is well; tomorrow will be better, or even the best.

Do away with gossip; the clock is ticking, when will you build yourself if you are focused on other people’s business?

Don’t mind what other people say about you, as long as you are on the right track. Keep moving. The results will change that.

Take care of yourself. Go for regular health check-ups. Eat well. Do some exercise and keep fit.

Great results require a positive mindset. Drop the negativity, give yourself chances, eat healthy, get enough sleep, identify the cause of your problems and find healthy solutions and a way forward, drop stereotypes and superstitions, and above all, don’t compare yourself to others.