The pencil skirt: Classy and decent

Every woman should keep at least one pencil skirt in her wardrobe for that classy and decent occasion. It could be an office cocktail party or business meeting.   

 “I actually sell plenty of them because many people are into them. Nowadays, people understand what it means to look chic,” says Christine Uwera, a clothing store owner in Kigali City Market.

The pencil skirt is flexible with a wide waistband, and various patterns. It is loved by many women, especially in the corporate world, and can suit any body type as it accentuates one’s curves. It’s mid length, and makes one look taller than they actually are.

Pencil skirts, if worn with the right top and shoes, will flatter any one’s appearance. One of the most ‘ladylike’ ways to wear a pencil skirt is to pair it with a blouse, if formal, or a cropped top, if informal, and cute heels.

While many women associate the pencil skirt with office wear, you can easily wear it over the weekend and look effortlessly elegant.

 “I work as a receptionist, and so my job requires me to be smart. I found the solution in pencil skirts, and every time I wear one, people compliment me. I actually feel sophisticated when wearing one,” says Aline Muhorakeye.

If you want to look stunning at your workplace, opt for a black pencil skirt as it goes with any blouse.

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