Paying jobs vs internships

Teenagers who are done with high school or those who are in that gap year right before college, are in most cases in pursuit of what to do. The question at hand here is, which is better; a paying job or internship?

One of the reasons why the youth prefer paying jobs to internships is because they can finally have control over what they do. If they can make their own money, they can spend it whichever way they like. So they end up opting for jobs such as serving at restaurants, being cashiers or even being a receptionists at local hotels.

There are a variety of ways the youth today spend their money. I have seen cases where a teenager’s first salary is spent on bottles of vodka on a night out. Others prefer using the money to shower their girl/boyfriends with gifts.

 Nevertheless, those who don’t seek opportunities like internships tend to miss out on a chance to learn something new and effective. The essence of an internship is that it enables one to gain the skills and experience they would need to join the workforce in the future.

It creates an upper hand for those who choose to indulge in a non-paying, but educational, activity due to the fact that knowledge is the most powerful tool one can possess. The youth today need to learn that short run sacrifice is important in order to achieve the long run enjoyment and success.

 “I chose to work at Camellia at CHIC in town as a waitress before I head out for college. It’s not the ideal job but I get paid. And that is what I was looking for,” Promise Uwase says. She just graduated from high school this year.

 Speaking from experience, as an intern at the New Times Publication, I would say that internship is the way to go. Believe me when I say this wasn’t my first choice, and the same goes for my fellow peers. However, being exposed to people who have made it in their careers everyday transforms one into a person with goals and visions. I have learnt a whole lot of things, such as the importance of time, and many others, that I wouldn’t have known had I found a desk job.

 The youth have choices to make in life. It is highly rewarding to be extraordinary, not average.