Our love-hate relationship with The Kardashians

Where were you when The Kardashians announced they’d be cancelling their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” after 20 seasons? And how have you been coping since the “devastating” news broke? Have you been binge-watching past episodes and any clips you can find online because in Kardashian speak, you “can’t deal with this right now”, or are you one of those celebrating the end of reality TV’s most famous family? Is it the end of entertainment and life as you know it or you couldn’t care less? It’s no secret that The Kardashians divide opinion.

Fans who’ve been watching for the last decade or even longer as the show has been airing for 14 years must be wondering what to watch next. ‘Haters’ on the other hand are throwing virtual “the Kardashians are over” parties saying that the show’s cancellation is one of the few positives of 2020! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course but I’d just like to ask those overly critical of this family whether they’d turn down an opportunity to make what they consider “easy” money going about their fabulous lives as the Kardashians and Jenners have done over the years.


No? Didn’t think so! Same goes for those critical of Kris Jenner’s never ending pursuit of projects and gigs for her kids. I think it’s a mom thing. You want your children to do well in school, go on to have successful careers and marry great people. I actually admire Kris’ vision and dedication to her family. If all parents were out there negotiating the best deals for their children, we wouldn’t be out here begrudging the Kardashians of their wealth. I think those who aren’t invested in this family forget that Kris had to play mom and dad to the older kids, much like she’s doing now following her second divorce. Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Rob may have had a father figure in stepdad Bruce before his transition but it’s always been Kris in the driving seat and she deserves a pat on the back. I also like how fiercely loyal the siblings are to each other.


Not that they don’t deal with their fair share of sibling rivalry just like the rest of us, which makes them even more relatable, but they’re mostly supportive of one another. The Kardashians and Jenners are so close you sometimes forget they’re only half siblings. I will miss their adorable kids as I’m sure anyone who follows them will. We’ll still keep up as they regularly update their various social media platforms but it won’t be the same as watching them grow up on telly for the typical Kardashian junkie. I mean, wouldn’t you for instance wish to see the family dynamic seven or so years down the road as Kim and Kanye deal with their teenage kids? I know I would! And this is why I don’t think they’ll just go away. Something tells me this whole cancellation thing will be “uncancelled” because the show simply has to go on.


Given their knack for spinoffs, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Remember the Kardashians?”, “Return of the Kardashians” or something like that hits our screens in a year or two. As for the anti-Kardashian movement that swears they never watched the show, I don’t buy it. While none of us can claim we’ve watched every single movie or show ever produced, I think what couch critics really mean is that they watch bits of it and not entire episodes, but to say that you don’t watch at all is hard to believe. As for the raging debate about the so-called “Kardashian values” and what not, they’re fair game I guess. Have there been times we all thought the family shared too much as in TMI? Sure.

And have there been paparazzi tip-offs, staged photo ops, over-the-top and over dramatised moments? Yes, yes, yes and yes. Too many in fact, but what did we expect? It’s a reality show and had it been devoid of drama, we would be the same audience complaining that there wasn’t enough drama! You really can’t please everybody but I’m sure the Kardashians knew that already. Think they have way too many personal assistants and should run their own errands? Well that would render their staff jobless and they’re trying to spread the wealth here! I’m not vouching for their morals or defending every decision they ever made, but I also know that I first learnt of the Armenian Genocide on their show and that Kim K has also been lauded for her contribution to prison reform, so there!


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