Never say never

You can do whatever you put your mind to. Net photo

A journey of a million miles begins with one step. They used to tell me that I can’t do it, they used to say that some things were not for my level, and eventually, I believed them. I believed that I couldn’t do it, until an opportunity presented itself. I got the chance to prove that I had it in me. But I was afraid I would fail, I was afraid that people would laugh at my attempt. But a positive mind was all I needed. I not only tried, I did it and succeeded.

An expert in something was once a learner. I did what they did not think I could, now whenever someone tells me that I can’t do it, I just smile and show them that they are wrong. I’ve done many things without their support and now my support to them is the ladder to reach their goals.

In this world everyone meets challenges. There is no rainbow without rain.  We have to work hard in order to succeed. In order for us to be great people in life, we must do great things. He who has never made a mistake has never tried anything, and we all learn from our mistakes.

 Who knew that Nelson Mandela would be such a great person? Barack Obama; the black man who sat in the most powerful political seat in the world, who knew?

I think that I too can do it. We never know, right? What we want is to try. So, never say never.

Uwababyeyi is an aspiring writer at Inyange Girls School of Science