Natural hair: Are you a fan?

The era of women having issues with their natural hair is behind us; even though some still use hair relaxers, a good number of women are embracing their natural hair—long and short!

Natural hair is gorgeous; you can style it in a variety of ways and achieve any look. Curly hair, twist outs and Bantu knots are just some of the styles.

Maintaining natural hair is not as simple as some may assume, however, it helps that you can wash and style it yourself.

“I love my natural hair because it makes me unique. Many people gave up on their natural hair but I like to keep it nice and puffy, it makes me stand out. It does, however, require patience, as sometimes combing it hurts but the outcome is always worth it,” Martina Abera says.

Chemicals present in many hair relaxers are said to be harmful in the long run. It is, therefore, advisable to find out which products to apply.

“‘Even if my hair is dry, I don’t care. I just go out. Previously, I couldn’t do that as I didn’t like my hair at all. It’s been 10 years now since I decided to grow my hair naturally. I get so many compliments, people ask if my hair is real. I feel more confident,” says Aline Teta.

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