My seatmate, my hero

My seatmate is my hero because he has played a big role in my life. He is good at debating and playing volleyball. He is a bright boy who always stays beside me.

I met him at the beginning of our advanced level. He came with good results and we first talked when he found some other senior six students teasing me. He told them that he would sit with me, and because he was strong and tall, they were afraid of him and so they let me be. He then told me that he did not like the habit of teasing or disturbing anyone. From that day, he became my friend.

Then he came and slept on the bed next to mine. When the teacher gave us a test, I failed but he passed. He told me that he didn’t want to see me failing again and started helping me in some subjects so that I would understand them better. He also showed me techniques that I could use to improve. He taught me how to always be smart and have discipline so that I would not be called to the disciplinary office which would destabilise my studies.

He explained to me how to live in a society of many people and maintain a good relationship with them all, which helped me make the many friends I have today. He helped me to fight my fears—I couldn’t even stand in front of a group of people to say anything. He encouraged me to participate in the debating club which improved my English. I now manage my time well and complete assignments, all because of him.

I used to watch irrelevant videos when in the computer laboratory but he advised me to always search for important things that would help me in my studies. He even advised me to always engage in sports to stay physically fit and refresh my mind. He advised me to use the holidays to do more revision, not just leisure. 

I am so grateful to have him as my friend. He is my hero because of how he protects, encourages, advises, and supports me.

Bonane is an aspiring writer and student at Nyagatare High School

The “Aspiring Journalists” initiative is a partnership between UNICEF and The New Times, encouraging young writers to develop and demonstrate their skills while spotlighting topics which are important to young people across Rwanda.