Magaly Pearl talks music, life in the US, and Ice Prince collabo

“The One” is arguably Magaly Pearl’s biggest song to date, and one that is likely to take her places. On it, she collaborates with Nigerian hitmaker Ice Prince. Based in the US, where she also works as a professional skin care specialist, Pearl started to pursue music seriously only last year, releasing two songs – “Hold me”, and “Nyemerera”.

How did the collabo with Ice Prince come about?

I’ve known Ice Prince for a long time, and he is a very good friend. So I had this amazing beat and I recorded the hook but, I definitely knew that I had to feature another artiste. Falz and Ice Prince were on my mind. So I hit Ice first and he really liked the beat, and decided to jump on it. He emailed me the data the next day and that’s how the magic was made.

Your Rwandan fans are eager to know what is keeping you busy in the US at the moment. When do you intend to return home?

Preparation and hard work are keeping me busy. I’m working on my Extended Play (EP) right now, and I also have to balance between music and life. I’d definitely love to be home even tomorrow, but I want to make sure I come ready to give them the show. I miss home so much and I think about my fans all the time, I am so grateful for them. I need them to keep supporting my music, spreading the word for me.

Briefly describe the nature of your music hustle in America; are you with any labels/management/or any platforms at which you usually perform?

There are some record labels currently reaching out, but I’m just taking my time just to be sure I get into the right deal. I’m currently doing my thing with my crew.

Single? Married? Dating?

No. I am currently single, but I’m definitely talking to someone right now. For now it’s all about music and my fans.

Apart from music, you are also a professional aesthetician in the US. What does the job entail?

I am a skincare specialist. I work for Christian DIOR, providing facials, hair removal, exfoliation, makeup and skin formula application tips.

How do you push your music here in Rwanda?

I reach out to the well known promoters in the industry. I also use all my Social Media platforms.

Finally, what has living in the US taught you about life in general?

Thank you so much for this question. Learning they say is a continuous process and from a tender age, I have always been a firm believer of this principle. So far, I have learnt a lot and I still continue to learn.

I’ve learnt to put God first in all I do. I don’t take anything for granted and I express my gratitude more. I’ve also learnt that nothing comes easy, you have to put in the work.

I am proud to be Rwandan. I’ve learned to love and appreciate myself, my country Rwanda and our Rwandan values. Holding on to our rich cultural values has helped and continues to help me in my everyday life.

It brings out the uniqueness in me, it makes people with different backgrounds want to connect with me, as I see and treat everybody equal.

It has earned me a lot of respect, part of the reason I have great and important relationships and I want my people wherever they are to keep holding on to our beliefs and values. A great part of my everyday life which I preach all the time is equality.

Your parting words …

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. People deserve a second chance. You can’t please everyone.

I strongly believe this music platform which I continue to work on will lead me to somewhere greater someday and a bigger platform where I can reach out to more and continue to preach about our values and equality.

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