Look chic in a flared skirt

Flared skirts make one feel free and comfortable. Net photos

The flared skirt with its delicately pleated designs looks fabulous on just about anyone regardless of their shape or size. 

The skirt has the ability to accentuate feminine features like the waist, and it does so with a soft pleat which makes it all the more remarkable.

Flared skirts are the hottest attires on the fashion scene. They are bell-shaped and can match with almost everything. The best part of wearing them is that one feels free and comfortable.

Another thing that stands out with this piece is its shape that flares out towards the hem. This makes it unique and stylish and depending on one’s preferences, there are different ways one can wear it and look good.

That’s why if you know how to pull off this style, you will always look stylish.

By knowing your waist, it’s easier to pick a flared skirt that will flatter your body. For instance, if you have a slim waist, go for the one that highlights your waist.

Depending on the length of the skirt and the weather, it’s ideal if the skirt is worn with light skin tights, especially if it is short.

Alternatively, finishing up the look with flat dolly shoes or ankle boots will make you look elegant and trendy as well.

Depending on the occasion at hand, choosing a blouse or top that can be tucked in, and completing the look with a flared hat, will bring out a sophisticated look.

Over the knee boots will help modernise the look, this can be worn for work or any other occasion.

If you’re plus size, do not worry. Going for a layered high raised flared skirt and teaming it up with any top that you are comfortable with, especially those with bright colours, will enhance the look.


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