Lil P on making a comeback in the music industry

After two inactive years, rapper Papias Nduwayo, commonly known by his stage name Lil P, is back on the music scene with his latest song dubbed Babiri.

The rapper, who has not dropped a single since his hip hop song Tsindagira in 2016, has been a stranger to the studio.

Lil P, who is now working with music producers based in London on a full time basis, told The New Times that he was inactive for a long time because he struggled with promoting his music in Rwanda, and that he would rather do music in the Diaspora.

“After completing my studies in England, I came back to Kigali in 2016 and released Tsindagira. It was a good song but I had issues with promoting my music and this discouraged me from continuing with it. I have so many unreleased songs because of the issues of marketing my music. I released only one song during my two-year stay in Rwanda, and I realised that the market for my music is bigger abroad,” he says.

He says that he is now working hard to release songs consistently, and is pushing to work with different artistes in the Diaspora.

“I decided to work with producers abroad because I can release a song every two months. I want a fresh comeback, which is what I work on daily. I have a lot lined up for my fans and I am confident they will like it. I am looking forward to delivering only the best music,” he says.

Lil P says he has many music projects, including a remix for Babiri with Ugandan artiste Spilla.

He also has a nine-song rap mix tape titled Cost of Ambition that he plans to launch in December. He targets a mini-launch for the mix tape in Kigali and London before sharing it online.