Life is full of opportunities

Every action is an open door to many more opportunities. / Net photos.

LIfe is a set of actions, and every action is an open door to many more opportunities. 

Although these opportunities are endless, many people are blind to this reality. What they don’t know is that opportunities can be people you meet every day. These people can be sources of inspiration, motivation and connection to a wider view of the world and life. 


Opportunities can be visiting a place or reading a book. You can obtain useful information from books that can change your view of life in a magical way. 


Opportunities can also be a problem you have encountered that exposed your inner abilities or talents and turned your life from hardship to prosperity. Sometimes, problems carry hidden treasures. 


However, knowing all this is not enough without training your mind to see opportunities. 

Sharpen your mind with people who are more experienced. These people are experts, mentors, teachers, coaches. They are good resources of knowledge and experience. Their thoughts, words, knowledge and wisdom are true vessels that can change our own thinking styles. 

Taking action, however small, is the start to momentum. Every persistent action has multiple effects. 

Asking questions pushes the mind to see opportunities. Questions are tools to obtain information and exposure. Many people fear to ask questions and that is how they miss opportunities. Questions stimulate curiosity and inspire people to experiment and do. This is key to innovation and breakthrough. 

Little things should not be ignored at all. They carry compound outcomes always. 

Your associations determine how far you will go. Great associations with powerful minds are sources of more opportunities. 

Problems, on the other hand hide opportunities. Every problem carries an opportunity, when you solve problems around you, you will not be the same after.  

Steady footage is a cornerstone to many discoveries. Many innovators started with daily recordings to daily observations and lessons. Leonardo da Vinci, a great Italian polymath, made many innovations out of his notebook. His notebooks were full of records and thoughts.  

Volunteering is another unrecognised opportunity that helps thousands get jobs, discover their abilities, draft their dreams and serve as philanthropists in the future.

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