Life can be messy

So like many people in Kenya, I’m intrigued by the murder mystery involving a young TV anchor, Jacque Maribe, her fiancé Joseph Irungu and a slain businesswoman, Monica Kimani.

It’s crazy how life can literally change overnight. One minute you’re updating the Nation about the latest events and the next, you are the story and not a good one. I wonder if this case is one of those illicit affairs gone wrong where the mistress threatens to spill the beans and the husband, fearing the wrath of his wife decides to get rid of the mistress.

This probably isn’t what happened here but coming just a few weeks after a Governor was arrested for the murder of his 7 month pregnant Girlfriend, a University Student, it got me thinking about the many murders that result from infidelity.

Some people get away with it but many get caught, often because they enlist the help of others and the more people involved, the more likely incriminating evidence will be left behind.

There’re reports of the journalist’s kitchen knife found in Kimani’s bathroom and some clothes worn by the suspected killer or killers burnt nearby.

Apparently, Maribe’s car was also spotted leaving the crime scene! Clearly, they didn’t think this through. I tell young people and in fact anyone who cares to listen that there’s someone for everyone. Sometimes you have to wait a while but eventually, you will find your significant other who isn’t someone’s husband or wife.

People lie about their status all the time, saying nothing about their spouse or family and you only find out from friends, co-workers and in some cases, the partner being cheated on. Personally, I would end the relationship right away.

I’m at the age where I don’t have time for drama. If we’re in a committed relationship or are married and you’re too busy chasing other women, it basically means you don’t want to be with me so why would I stick around? Some people stay because there’s too much to lose.

The time invested in the relationship, the life you’ve built together, the children… You can’t just walk away from it all. I get that but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to lose my sanity over a man. People do crazy things for love sometimes.

Think about the distress of a wife who knows her husband is cheating and the mistress holding onto this false hope that he will eventually divorce the mother of his children and marry her.

Well, most men never leave their wives and what then happens is that out of bitterness, desperation or jealousy, one of the parties decides to bump whoever they think is standing in the way of their happiness off.

You have to weigh the consequences though. Would you live happily ever after with someone knowing you killed their mistress or wife? Would you risk spending a good 30 or so years in jail for this person? I know I wouldn’t.