A letter to the young generation

Minors should be encouraged to look up to people who make a great impact in society. / File

Dear young people,

Look up and check the speed at which the world is moving. It’s moving pretty fast, right? This means you need to know what to do, to be at the same pace. First of all, value those books and that pen; the world needs educated people. It’s after growing up that I realised I was not studying for my parents. You might think that because they pay your school fees, you are doing them a favour by studying—no!

You are shaping your life and your future. Every parent’s desire is to see their children succeed in life, you never know when they will pass on—God forbid—but death is unavoidable. They don’t want you to suffer when they are gone.

Learn something new every day, do not be that fellow that is not informed. Get a book, or daily quotes, that will keep you encouraged and informed. Do not spend your days doing nothing. Follow someone inspirational, perhaps on Twitter. Know what is taking place around the world. Take some time to do research.

Be good with time management. People will not want to associate with you if you never respect time. As you apply for a job, internship placements, or even hold school discussions, be there before the agreed time.

Learn from your failures. You can only be a better person in school and in life when you realise that mistakes are opportunities for discovery and improvement, and that determination can pay off. This is where teachers and parents come in to guide and encourage you.

Be a go getter. When you pity yourself, the world will do the same. Have a purpose, train yourself to stand out, set goals, and persevere to execute them. Be aggressive, what do you want to achieve? A pinch of trust in yourself is necessary.

Inspire someone. If you have never been inspiring, you need to do more. Have someone that looks up to you, it could be a friend, a sibling, or even a stranger.

Own a diary; they are still relevant. A dairy will help you note down your daily activities. It will remind you to do better every single day. Have the right circle of friends. Friends can help you reach or kill your destiny. Keep negativity at bay, because every idea you have will never be appreciated. For instance, you may want to start up a small business, but negativity will only dishearten you, and in the end, you will give up. Walk away from such, in fact, run!

Discover you talent. Each one of us has a God-given talent; it’s just that sometimes we take long to discover it. Know what you are good at and focus on shaping it. Is it music, writing or art, whatever it is, do it.

Love your country. It is everyone’s responsibility to impart the spirit of patriotism. Respect culture, know the history of your country, participate in the local government, go for voting, you are entitled to vote, say no to corruption, and be polite. The world will shut its doors on you if you are rude. Don’t be the reason your parents are mocked.

Last but not least, grab every opportunity with both hands. Participate in youth conferences about career guidance, volunteer in societal activities, take part in youth fellowships or counselling. Counselling will help you fight bad vices. Also, remember to stay true to your word.


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