Learning from a teen mom

Teens are advised to abstain from sex to avoid early parenthood. Net photo..

This story is about a girl called Elizabeth who got pregnant while she was still in school. She was impregnated by a boy called Omar when she was in senior five.

Elizabeth was a close friend to Omar’s sister and whenever she visited, she would go to see Omar. And that is how she got pregnant. She dropped out of school and made a bad friend, Alice, who advised her to have an abortion. But she didn’t.

Her parents were very upset. But they stood by her. Time went by and she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Kenny, but her brother Thomas was not happy because Elizabeth had dropped out of school.                                                                        

Five months later, she was advised to go back to school. She was afraid, because she thought students would mock her. But her mother comforted her, and even called an uncle to give her more advice. Elizabeth found a new school, and made new friends. She talks to her peers from time to time about teen pregnancy and how it can mess up one’s life. She uses her experience as an example, so that other girls do not make the same mistake and do things the right way instead.

She now lives happily with her family. The youth can learn something from her.

Irakoze is an aspiring writer in senior two at Groupe Scolaire Officiel de Butare (GSOB)