The leaders of tomorrow

The youth have a role to play in the advancement of the nation. Net photo.

When I finished high school, I started viewing the ‘outside world’ from a different angle. Most of the time, when one has been enclosed in a particular environment for a period of six years, like it is in high school, you are not exactly exposed to much of the outside world, this includes current issues facing the country, and the ongoing development of Rwanda, among other things.

A large number of teenagers out there spend much of their free time either going out to night clubs or sitting on a couch watching E!. Don’t get me wrong, I too sometimes watch too much E!. However, I believe the youth have a major role to play in the advancement of our continent and our nation Rwanda.

Like his Excellency Paul Kagame always emphasises, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” If we all decide to put our phones down for a minute and exercise our minds instead of exercising our fingers, we would be able to build upon the foundation that our forefathers built for us. One might ask, isn’t it a little early for a teenager to think about such aspirations? It is never too early for you to make a change that is bigger than yourself. But most importantly, a change that will enrich your motherland.

One of the ways the youth can make a difference is by reducing the ignorance about their own country and understanding what needs to be done. At times the youth don’t find it mandatory to seek to know their country. For as long they know the President they think it’s enough. We could start by knowing our country’s history. By doing this, we will learn how to re-build and not make the mistake of moving backwards.

Additionally, if the youth choose to see the need to build our nation, we will reach heights that our enemies can’t even dream of. A wise man once said “team work makes the dream work”. Together we can elevate our continent Africa. Every journey begins with one step.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet, said, “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Those wise words truly define the role we need to take on in society. It all starts with that simple decision to want to make a difference. If I won’t do it and you won’t do it then who will? We, the youth, should learn as early as possible that it is up to us, not the people outside our nation, to make us better and build a better tomorrow.



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