Laugh out loud (LOL)

One does not need money to laugh, it is what I was telling a guy early this week. I did an interview years ago and the editor chose to give that story the title ‘I laugh even about things that are not funny.’ In everything we talked about with the reporter who interviewed me, that is what stood out for them. I also recall a radio session that concluded with the host saying I was the first guest who had laughed so hard on what was known to be a serious radio show.

Of the things I can suppress in life, laughter is not one of them. I love life, I love to laugh and I do not need much provocation to roll on the ground laughing and shed a tear while at it. There are times I catch myself laughing at something funny on the road and I will only be startled by a stare or a stranger joining me to laugh at what they don’t know, this stuff is contagious. A colleague used to make fun of me saying I laugh like a prostitute in a bar, the kind of laughter that could attract customers, I was never offended. I am also not sure that strategy works for prostitutes anymore.

Surprisingly there are people that think it’s only those with money that enjoy a good laugh. On the contrary I have heard the best laughs from hungry homes or those with very little, I have seen the most cheerful and playful children walk a long distance home from school joyfully, I have also seen people perceived to be rich struggle to even share a smile with another person. A warm, hearty, rich laughter has nothing to do with one’s worldly possession. 

My friend Simon recently said ‘many of the youth have been caught but with anxiety and depression. Everything is linked to money even the easiest thing the world can offer, like opening your mouth to laugh, unless you got no jaw’

He was responding to someone who suggested that people who laugh uncontrollably afford that because of the money they have. Lies!

In life we make choices; it is one’s choice to find joy and create their own happiness and laugh regardless of whether they have worldly goodies or not. If you choose to wait till you witness big things happening to you before you laugh then it might take a long while, because I know small things happen all the time, big ones often take a bit of time.

Does laughter impact your health in any way? Yes it does. When you laugh the brain releases endorphins that can relieve you of some physical pain. It also boosts the number of antibody-producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of T-cells, leading to a stronger immune system. For a healthy life, laugh out loud!

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