KWEZI AND I:Where did the years fly to?

Kwezi will turn four in January and I was thinking about how time flies by so fast. Four years ago, I was young, alright not really, but I was younger, free and my own responsibility. Today, I am a mother, to an extent still free and someone is my responsibility. I close my eyes and I can’t seem to really recall how these four years passed and how I made it through them as a single parent. But here we are and soon, my little human being will be in school and I will be paying school fees. The idea of school is exciting but the one of school fees isn’t really. That aside, where did time really go? We were recently talking about how this year is coming to an end and I loudly complained about how I really haven’t achieved anything in 2018. My friend told me that I was wrong. He reminded me that as long as I am raising Kwezi, that is an achievement itself. I hadn’t really thought about that.

We are preoccupied and we sometimes don’t see how time is flying by.


For instance, two years ago, if you had asked me how old Kwezi was, I would have told you every detail, specifying how many years, months, days and perhaps hours she had at the time been on this earth. Today, the story is totally different. It just occurred to me that I am now at a point where I know that she is three and some months but more specifically, it is easier for me to just say that she will turn four in January, unless I want to start using my fingers to count the months. How time flies. So much has happened since she was born. I always thought I would have everything about her on my fingertips but life happened. I have to work, pay bills, be worried when she is sick, worry if I am doing this whole motherhood thing right and then worry again.  


Things seem to have happened and are still happening so fast and I think that as parents, we don’t really take a step back to pat ourselves on the back, to breathe. My 2019 resolution is to step back and watch my surroundings because with children, you can easily get carried away and lose track of the small but really important parts.


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