KWEZI AND I:The words are becoming bigger and better

I have always complained about how at four, Kwezi does not speak properly. In fact, most of the time, she can’t really express herself verbally as much as what is normally expected of a four-year-old.

Many people have asked me if some of the words she says are clear and yes, they are. She knows how to ask for what she wants and not surprisingly, how to remind me that I am a bad girl when I give her a beating (yes, I am that kind of mother), among other words.

Anyway, most people have told me that each child has their own milestones. I know that is true but like any person who has a tendency of putting themselves under lots of unnecessary pressure, it has not in the past made me feel that perhaps something is not right.

My friends have told me that while one child can for instance speak at two-and-half and another will do so a year later. I perhaps project my expectations on my little girl forgetting that there are some things that I cannot control.

Anyway, since she started school, I have realised that there has been a lot of improvement in her speech. Most people had in the past told me that one of the reasons why her speech was delayed is because she is not yet in school. Their reasoning is that with children around, she is keener to speak and also learn new words. That indeed is true.

First, I was pleasantly surprised when I woke her up in the morning to get her ready for school and she mentioned that she was going to see ‘Teacher Winnie’. I don’t know why that really warmed my heart because I have been looking forward to a snippet of her life away from home.

Also, I realised the other day that she is more curious and has kind of grown some thick skin. I don’t know if there are some little bullies in her class but she is not such a pushover anymore. I did not know how to react when for the first time I heard her warn Jasmine that she would beat her. Normally, she is the kind who is beaten by younger children and instead of fighting back, she bursts into tears. The Kwezi that I sent to school and the one I got back is a new girl and I honestly find her a little more fascinating. This journey is going to be an interesting one and I just can’t wait to see what else it’s bringing us.