KWEZI AND I: We have opened a new chapter

This past weekend, Kwezi and I finally moved into our new humble abode. I say finally because I am almost sure that anyone close to me was tired of hearing my ‘moving song’ which I think spurns around two years now. Phew!

Everything seems new and a little smaller. That said, it is also on the other hand cosier. One of the first things that I thought would be hectic was settling in Kwezi. You see, my little girl and I have lived with our other family for the last five years. For Kwezi, this includes one year where she was comfortably relaxing in my belly. She was born into a full family so you must understand my anxiety at the thought of how lonely and strange a new home would be.

Oh how wrong I was!  On the contrary, she is super excited. I don’t know if it’s because her nanny and I have been home (I am on my annual leave) all through or the constant hooting of cars since we previously lived in a serene place; away from lots of human activity.

The first day, she asked for Jasmin who has been a constant since she was born. She has also asked for Angel and the rest including the guard who is coincidentally called Gad. This morning, when she was throwing a tantrum over something that I can’t even recall, she cried for the other nanny; Maureen. Besides that, she seems to have settled in just fine.

Next week, her routine when it comes to how she goes and comes from school will also change. She will switch from using a private car to a school bus. Besides the fact that I have to pay a particularly big amount for her to get on the bus, I think it will be an enjoyable experience for her and an opportunity to ‘network’ with other children. Besides that, we are doing well and continuing to unpack our things and somehow our lives.

Kwezi’s appetite is better than ever and she is swallowing whatever you put in front of her. We have discovered a lady who is dropping off veggies and fruits each morning and when I am not feeling too lazy, the market is not far from my home.

We will be having friends and family over this weekend for Easter lunch. It will be our first hosting duty as we show more of them where we have moved to. We are looking forward to this new chapter and cannot wait to see what the future holds.