KWEZI AND I: School has become the centre of our lives

I was last in school a very long time ago so forgive me if I don’t understand how different things have become over time. For instance, what really goes on in those schools that makes students excited about going? Honestly, I was the kind of kid who liked being at school but was not so keen on attending class especially when it involved anything that was remotely close to mathematics or science. I was always present, in the compound and the surrounding areas, but I don’t really remember a time when I was enthusiastic about the idea of going to school.

Looking at Kwezi and the energy she has had for school these two weeks makes me wish that there was a miraculous way I can be at her school, hiding somewhere behind a curtain; simply satisfying my curiosity of what her day is really like. Unfortunately, bills have to be paid so, I can only hear from third parties and leave the rest to my imagination.

Right now, besides threatening her that I will switch off anything related to the cartoon world or telling her that she is a bad girl; which are both things that she doesn’t want to hear, the threat of missing school is my new favourite.

I really derive a lot of pleasure from throwing in the “go back to your room, you won’t even go to school’ line every opportunity I have. It has been working wonders because you see, Kwezi’s new favourite place is school. She can be there any time of the day or even night if you suggest that something of the sort exists.

Many people have told me that eventually the excitement will die down and I will find it hard to get her out of bed. Maybe that will happen but for now, I don’t need an alarm and I don’t do those “extra minutes of warmth” because mornings have become a flurry of activity. Showers have to be taken, voices have to be raised for people to hurry before its late, breakfast has to be prepared and more voices raised so that it’s consumed. Unless I had a long night, these mornings are becoming more and more exciting. The interesting part is that when she finally leaves the house, telling everyone in her path her goodbyes, and then the silence. It always feels like five people have left. It is the opportune time to slide in that 30 minutes of sleep but it’s usually past 7 and like I said, money has to be made and bills have to be paid. Buckle up.  This journey is just beginning.