KWEZI AND I: Mother and child frustrations

There is nothing as disheartening as seeing your child in ill health. Kwezi has been battling an on and off flu and I am seriously losing patience. Less than a month ago, she was battling the worst flu and cough that she has ever experienced since she was born.  I had to ship her off to my mother so that she can try her magic hand on her and after more than a week, she was back home, health at its peak and really excited to go back to school. In less than three days, we were back to square one. The coughing is back and now, it is accompanied by occasional vomiting. What does one have to do to fix this issue once and for all? She doesn’t seem like herself and she is irritable and who really can blame her?  I would be in a bad mood too.

What exactly is one supposed to do? Two weeks ago, I was telling you how I am focusing on boosting her immunity but how does one do that when the child has lost appetite for everything?

There are moments on this parenting journey when I feel really irritated and sometimes tired. However, this is not a project where I can throw in the towel and walk away. This is my child, my greatest love and my greatest achievement on this planet. What I am focusing on now is how to fix this. After all, that’s what mothers do. I am looking to herbal mediation too. A pharmacist recently told a fellow parent that it would be best if parents didn’t rush to the pharmacy to buy medication for their toddlers’ flu. In his opinion, there was need to try herbal homemade remedies more because modern flu medicine is like a band aid. It doesn’t fix toddler flu for long. I was taken aback. Could this modern medicine be doing something to our children’s immunity? I remembered how my mother always stocked up on garlic, honey and raw eggs whenever there was any detection of a cough and it would be fixed with a homemade concoction in the shortest time possible.

I perhaps need to go and sit with her and fetch from her well of wisdom because I am fast losing patience and so is my daughter. However, like I always like to say, this too shall pass.

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