KWEZI AND I: The long awaited break is finally here

When I was dressing up this morning, I was reminded of how growing up is not fun. I used to dream of all the freedom and fun that would come with growing up. I couldn’t wait to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Well, I am here to tell you that growing up is a trap. Personally, I would be happier sleeping, eating and watching cartoons.

What I am basically saying, I am envious of my child. Can you imagine having someone else doing all the thinking and worrying for you? What a wonderful world that must be!


Anyway, I am finally going for my annual leave. I am so excited that you would not be mistaken to think that I am jumping on a plane and heading to the Maldives, Cancun or wherever people with money go. Well, I will be in my little house in Kabeza with my Kwezi who is also on holiday and we won’t be eating caviar, no. We will be sipping on porridge, watching cartoons, falling sleeping together and repeating the same for three weeks and I cannot be happier.


I have had what most people call a ‘burnout’ for some few weeks now. I am constantly tired and I am not being as productive at work and at parenting as I would have wanted. This break is very necessary. I also timed it to fall in November because I wanted to join Kwezi on her end of year school holiday and bond more and perhaps, if the budget allows us, do some really fun things together.


That said, I am looking forward to doing nothing. I am sure that there are many people out here who wouldn’t mind doing just that. I want to sleep in, to do some cooking and to finally finish unpacking, which is something that I have put off since we moved early April.

The unfortunate thing is that there are not many child-friendly activities that you can do in Kigali but we are definitely looking forward to perhaps discovering and sharing whatever we find with you. We just can’t wait.


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