KWEZI AND I: Have we finally caught a break?

After celebrating finding the perfect nanny several times and being disappointed again and again, we have found a new one and I can’t really describe how I feel.

That said, we are a positive duo and the addition of Solange to our family unit on Tuesday is a very welcome one.


Solange seems nice enough and if the cleaning and chemistry between her and Kwezi is anything to go by, we hope and pray that she stays with us for long.


I have always treated nannies well or at least I really do put effort, but being without one for weeks has renewed my respect for them.


The reasons vary, but for starters, I have paid unnecessarily high amounts of money to have the house cleaned and clothes washed. Secondly, I had downgraded from eating a home cooked meal to dinner in a restaurant because when I leave office, I am too tired to cook and I find it hard to eat food alone. Then there is the fact that my sweet Kwezi had to temporarily move to my sister’s house who happily suggested that it is best until I found a new nanny. It was hard on both of us.

In fact, I didn’t know how much I missed my baby girl until I was summoned to her school due to serious allergy. I felt sorry for my child. She needed her mummy and her mummy needed her.

This was further affirmed by my eldest sister who called me in her usual measured voice, told me that bouncing Kwezi from her grandparents, then a few days with me and later sending her to my sister’s house was destabilising her. She, in fact, said that even when all the places she was being taken to were full of love, the girl ultimately needed to spend more time with her mum and it was time to find other ways to get a nanny.

I asked for a day off from work and thankfully, I found Solange who was ready to start work immediately. Kwezi is back home, her allergy is getting better and mummy is back at work. We hope that this time round, God’s intervention is needed because we are mere mortals and this is now getting out of our humble hands.

We are praying for new beginning and may God bless this journey.

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