KWEZI AND I: Change is coming

These last two weeks have been tough for every parent. It has been school fees or what some call ‘tuition week’. The fact that the two weeks come after the Easter season makes everything even more complicated. Basically, you feast and make merry and then after that you have to face the music.

Well, here we are. We just moved and the arrangement of getting to school has changed because we now live farther away. With that has come some changes and those include putting Kwezi on a school bus and having her change from being at school half day to full day. It also comes with some significant increase in tuition. It has been hard but the beauty of today’s schools is like they are run like a serious business so that means that paying in instalments is allowed until one pays the full amount. That said, I think that I will be making some changes.


I am currently looking at schools because I am seriously considering changing Kwezi from her current school to a new one. Over the course of one term, I have weighed what I am paying right now against what she is getting from the school and I am not necessarily happy with the results. That said, my plan has never been to have her at school the whole day but to have her home at 1pm where she can have a good meal and an afternoon nap. I am also not keen on the menu at her school which I have seen never goes far from beans, Irish potatoes and rice. If I am going to be charged the amount that I am, I need to see something a little different on a plate now and then. I have also been unimpressed by the grammatical errors and typos her teachers have consistently had in their letters to me. I can’t help but wonder what someone who cannot write a proper comment in English is doing teaching my child and even worse, working in an English school.


I had fallen in love with the school but it looks like this could be the beginning of the end for us. I know that perhaps the next school may not be perfect but I will keep looking until I find something that is worth all the money I am being milked. In the meantime, we are putting the next journey in God’s hands.


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