KWEZI AND I : Bad flu has incapacitated us

Kwezi and I have a lot in common, save for when it comes to the weather. I love this season that is cold and rainy. I always feel like I am not living my life to its full potential when it’s hot. I am tired by midday and every room smells stuffy and humid.

It is a totally different story for Kwezi. She is scared of lightning and thunder (so am I) but most importantly, the rainy season makes her miserable in the sense that she automatically has respiratory issues. If her nose is not running, it is blocked or even both.


As I write this, Kwezi is at home. She has missed school twice this week. Once when she seemed unable to get out of bed and I decided that school is not as important as her wellbeing, and yesterday when I was called by her teacher and told to keep her at home for an extra day or two. The teacher explained that she was coughing nonstop and it was hard to watch, but it was also as expected, a distraction.


Sometimes I wonder if this pharmaceutical medication helps or if it’s like applying a plaster on a wound. I feel like Kwezi always has a cold, now that she started school. Yes of course, children will always infect others but I am tired of this flu and cough; on her behalf.


We did not sleep last night. First, she was snoring like a tractor. Her nose and throat felt like they were lodged with something thick but watery. I know that’s disgusting but it is what it is.

Then there is the nonstop coughing. I was listening intently to her coughing to determine if it’s dry or wet and I didn’t come up with a conclusive answer. However, I noticed that it seemed like the type where the throat is itching. I felt so helpless the entire night because she was clutching at her chest like she was in some sort of pain

We are trying out the onion, honey, lemon and ginger mix, hoping that this will help but in the meantime, Kwezi won’t be attending school until she gets better. As a mom, I am very frustrated because these things have no timelines, but I will keep pushing.

I hope that we can get some sleep tonight. In the meantime, please keep us in your prayers.

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