Kibuye: The perfect getaway for a weekend retreat

Kibuye remains one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda.

It is probably a place many have been to but Kibuye remains one of the most beautiful places in Rwanda. It is fresh, it is beautiful and it is transcendent.

The sensation offered by this place is unrivalled, whether it is the freshness from the sparkling blue waters or the attractive landscape from the hills, Kibuye stands to offer it all and more for one who is looking for a quiet place to vacation or spend some quality fun time with loved ones. 


There are beautiful cabins that stand some feet higher than the waters, this allows one to get to feel the cool breeze and also view the waters from far as they stretch.


Kibuye is a town located on Lake Kivu in the Western Province. It is a cheerful town which is set apart with its stunning flora; it also has that unique beach resort touch that adds to its savour.


Tropical getaway

Be ready to delve into the pacific and serene environment this small town has to offer because Kibuye will make you feel like you are on one of those exotic places. One can get to unwind at the beachfront, where they can read a book or just relax in the brisk weather.

And at very affordable prices, the place keeps some of the best hotels with most of them overlooking the attractive Lake Kivu.

One can also go for boating adventures; this can be fun to do in the afternoon when the weather is warm and inviting to explore the waters. You can also visit the small islands on Lake Kivu to get a much wider connotation of the place.

The bright green fields can also be the highlight of the trip depending on what one enjoys the most. If you are a good nature lover, a walk in these fields can be more than exciting.

Of course there is swimming but apart from enjoying the Lake, one can go to Nyungwe Forest and be sure to enjoy the exquisite flora and fauna, the extreme coldness of this place on the other hand can leave lasting memories, it is an experience worth undergoing.

Do not miss to visit the Napoleon Island, one of the islands on Lake Kivu. Napoleon’s Island is the bat’s island; many believe that the bats on this island are linked with the evil spirits. This murky history seems to have been around for generations and it is now part of the history of this island, a bit scary but worth the adventure.

What Kibuye has to offer in a trip is plenty and diverse, be sure to have the time of your life and making memories worth keeping.


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