The key to living a limitless life

Growing up didn’t seem that pleasing for a one Pamela Mutoni, as her parents were farmers who couldn’t  afford providing for all her needs, but they sold off some cattle to educate her.

However, when she joined University, she tasted the new life that she had missed all along, a life full of fancy and fun. This kept her in debts as she wanted to fit in with her well off peers.

She bought the latest phones, expensive clothes, hair extensions and make-up, she was the true definition of rich. A life full of forgery, denial and camouflage is what she lived.

“My life puzzles were too dismantled to be put together, whenever I was alone, I would have a chance to let out my pain, and cry out loud. I forced myself to be the person I wasn’t, just to gain compliments, and love from people. I lost my purpose in life,” she says.

However, it took her sometime to start believing in herself, and find her drive. She learnt from her past experience, and she has accepted who she really is and people’s approvals don’t matter to her any more. She is more than determined to work hard to attain everything she ever wished for.

We live in a world that tries to limits us to where we are, this is why you need to break the walls of limitations. Being limitless is pushing the boundaries and doing everything in your mind feasibly conceivable to set yourself up for success.

Limitlessness means not stopping, not giving up even when times turn tougher, rejecting fear, but having a leap of faith for doing and accomplishing the things you never imagined of doing.

Award winning author, Lorii Myers is quoted to have said, “Becoming limitless involves mental agility; the ability to quickly grasp and incorporate new ideas and concepts with confidence.”

To be illimitable offers the chance to reach unachievable beautiful states, genuine connection, instinctive knowing and anecstasy beyond words.  You get to clasp the power to defeat life’s trials and create a great destiny. Being Limitless, helps disclose spiritual principles and influential meditations to create the life of your dreams.

“There are a number of things we place on ourselves, what society thinks of us, and the negativity we have within us. When you keep believing something, you become it. Sometimes it is the voices from our friends and family members that make us think we won’t amount to anything successful,” says Flavia Tumusiime, a vlogger.  

She notes, when you become limitless you start shuttering the things that used to bind you before. You have to start thinking of things beyond where you are, and what you can do.

“You are not guaranteed to be doing the same job, having the same salary and staying in the same situation,” she states.

Tumusiime explains that you need to reach to a point where people don’t have to push you, where you have grown bigger and your wings have spread wider. Here you will start investing in yourself and your passions but you have to set a pace of where you want to be, and start working on it right now.

Gloria Uwamahoro, is an entrepreneur who says that many times people have labeled as orphans, addicts, failures, good for nothing, and all those weird names that keep them coiled up in the world of hopelessness.

She notes that certainties define the things you will accomplish. If you don’t believe you can achieve something like; a specific career, relationship, marriage, graduation or any form of success, then it is difficult to do so because you have already communicated with your mind that you are incapable.

Uwamahoro further says, if you believe that you are not smart, attractive enough, or talented then you will never be because you have the ability to create new possibilities for yourself everyday by eliminating limiting beliefs.

In his book, “Live A Life That Is Limitless”, author John Swanepoel writes that you are a limitless being who has been conditioned into a continuous state of distraction. The stories you are fed every day, help to maintain the belief that you have limited choices in life.

“An average life is one I never want to live anymore, I am destined to incur great energy on the things I want to be. I have promised myself to stand out and I have quit looking back on the opportunities I missed out sometime back, and focus on the next chapter through empowering my abilities and not stopping to dream bigger, Uwamahoro states.

Caroline Leon is a writer and owner of a blog titled “life is limitless” and in one of her articles, shesaid that the only thing that has ever held her back in life has been her fear and without that fear, her life is limitless. She had to give up on a list of items for her to be limitless.

Some of the things she had to let loose included; making excuses, worrying about what others thought about her, noticing useless stuff, bounding the scope of her dreams, and living in debt.

Leonalso noted down the things she wanted to do moreoften for her to be limitless and some of these were; dreaming big, recognising and facing fears, living by her own rules, breaking some norms,and becoming completely herself.

Uwamahoro notes, what have you done for others? God forbid but if you died today, what would people remember about you? To be limitless, you need to leave a legacy. You can’t live a life without knowing what satisfies you. Learn and develop yourself because it is how you will create happiness within you.

She says, know what is wrong and then find a solution. Write down goals, take reasons why you need to do something and do it anyway and most of all, create room for happiness, but don’t chase it. Do things that make the best of you.



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