Keeping positive mindset in school

A positive mindset will boost a student’s confidence and performance. Net photo.

The fact that we spend an enormous part of our lives in a school environment is not news to us. Students are always faced with different obstacles. Be it socially, physically or even mentally. School, or high school to be more precise, is where one develops a vivid understanding of who they are and who they are aspiring to be.

That being said, going about one’s high school life with the right attitude can really get you to places that you dream about and have set the goals for. Sometimes the various challenges we face in our daily lives, especially in school, can cause us to constantly complain about our circumstances. This in turn causes one to have a negative mindset.

One of the ways to keep a positive attitude in school is to always use positive words. Instead of using phrases like “I can’t do this” or “this is impossible”, try using “this might be hard but I can do it”. If you instil positivity and the fact that you are capable in your mind, it becomes accustomed to what it is being fed. This will in turn increase the productivity you are trying to achieve.

Your friends are a big part of the determination of your attitude as well. Do you surround yourself with people who throw negative vibes everywhere? This is a question you need to keep in mind. If this is the case, then you need to stay away from such people. However, if you are one that is not pliable, then you can take it upon yourself to switch to a positive mindset.

“As high school students, we are constantly influenced by our friends. Sometimes, I see how my friends are always complaining about everything or even gossiping about others. I definitely don’t what that sort of attitude around me but I don’t know how to let them know. Hopefully, they will pick up my positive vibes along the way,” Ange Umulisa, a senior five student says.

Thinking before you speak is another crucial step towards a positive attitude. Think about the past conversations you have held with people. Do you think there is a way your words could have been re-phrased to portray some politeness? If so, start giving yourself a moment to breathe and think about what words are coming out of your mouth or how they will.

“I believe as teachers, we do have a role to play in keeping optimism in students. If we encourage them by helping them out in any way possible, they won’t have a negative approach to the work we give them. This will help them perform better as well,” Arnold Ashimwe, a high school literature teacher says.

Parents also influence the attitude a student upholds.

“Children learn a load of things from parents. If we have a negative attitude towards life, they will pick up the same habits and run with them. I have come to realise that they don’t do as we say, but as we do,” Happy Kwizera, a parent of three says.

A positive outlook on life will surely determine a student’s success rate in life.