Keeping busy during the holiday

Teach children how to cook with adult supervision. Net photo

School holiday is a time to relax from studies and various school programmes. Children need to be kept active so that they don’t get bored or go off track. They need activities that are fun, and at the same time, educative.

Teach them how to cook. Cooking doesn’t have a specific time to learn, the earlier the better. When kids assist you in cooking, they learn the recipes of different foods. You can decide to let them cook under your supervision like twice a week. However, to capture their attention, start with their favourite food.


Drawing and colouring. Things that excite children are not so many, just provide them with a book, pencil and colours so that they draw and shade anything of their choice, you never know you could be grooming art talent. Let them get a bit messy and dirty but bother to see the final pieces so that you award them accordingly. This will improve their creativity and talent.


Buy them story books and encourage them to read. Children are attracted by pictures; therefore in order to get them interested, buy them books that have pictures. Reading will improve the child’s expression and spelling while keeping them busy.


Take your child to church. Church usually has interesting activities for children, for example, singing, prayer sessions, games, storytelling, and much more. Children love interacting and trying out new things. However, their faith in the Lord will also grow.

Engage in sport. You can gather your children and their friends and take them for swimming or any other sport; it can be volleyball, netball or football. Sporting is a form of entertainment and it keeps the body fit.

Teach them to clean their rooms. Let children clean their rooms and organise their clothes. Do not let the maids do everything for them. This will keep them orderly.

Let them spare time for revision. After relaxing a little bit, encourage your child to read their books so that they recall what they learnt in school. In case of any holiday package, assist them as they do it.

Do charity work. In case your children have clothes, shoes or anything that they don’t use anymore, encourage and advise them to give to needy children. They will develop a heart of sharing and giving to others. And, the needy children will also feel loved.

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