It’s Easter?

Easter has a way of sneaking up on me. I remember Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent and telling myself like I often do that in 40 days, I’d be celebrating the Resurrection of the Saviour and I am but it’s not quite the end of Month yet and I’m broke at the worst possible time.

While I relish every opportunity to not have to go to work, I haven’t been that excited for this extended Easter Break. Empty wallets and long Weekends don’t occasion much celebration and I know I’m not the only one agonizing over the timing of this otherwise Special Weekend.


I wish the Pope would do something about it. Let the holiday fall at the start of the Month or even better, why can’t we have a fixed date as we do Christmas even though poor planning affects the cheer around that time too for some of us every other year!


Back to my Easter Blues, if I know you, take this as a heads up that I might be dropping by for Lunch today and who knows, I might even stay till after Easter Monday! Don’t worry though. I’ll be on my best behaviour and nothing like WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange.


Frankly, I’m shocked at the reasons behind his eviction from the Ecuadorian Embassy where he’s been residing since 2012. I don’t think President Lenín Moreno would go out of his way to make up these accusations. It’s likely that Assange has indeed been less than gracious to his hosts.

On top of being messy, stuffing his underwear which I assume was unwashed, down the toilet and allegedly smearing poop on Embassy Walls, he also harassed and spied not just on Embassy Staff but the President and his family too! Clearly, he crossed the line and can only blame himself for his current predicament.

Everybody knows you don’t overstay your welcome but given his circumstances, we can overlook that.

It’s different with the disrespect. When you’re at someone’s house, you follow the rules, clean after yourself and do whatever you can to help. Assange has been enjoying free room and board for 7 years. I doubt he was paying any other bills at the Consulate. How much money has he saved this entire time?

Thousands of Pounds I bet. He should have shown more gratitude. From what I’ve seen of the Embassy via News Clips, it looks like a pretty decent place and is certainly better than where he will spending the next couple of years, Prison!

I don’t know what living in a confined space can do to someone’s mind but at the same time, he really didn’t think they’d let him run the house and throw parties late into the night like he’s not the fugitive he is!

Also, I know we’ve all tapped other people’s WiFi from time to time but the trick is to not get caught! This is sloppy from the same man who hacked US National Security Secrets and almost got away with it. Guess this is the end of WikiLeaks, or is it?


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